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Featured Product

05/2015 - Neve Campbell Autograph and COA


Neve Campbell Autograph and Certificate of Authenticity with Online Verification from event in May 2015


To verify the authenticity of an autographed item, please, enter the serial number issued by Genuine COA in the box below. Do not enter any spaces or dashes.
(For an example, enter serial number AAAA00001A)

Most Popular

01 Autograph Certificate of Authenticity


Certificate of Authenticity with Online Verification at for Any Single Autograph at Walker Stalker Con

Purchase of Genuine COA Includes:

• Third-party witnessing for the signing of your memorabilia (No Opinion, Just Witness)

• Certificate of Authenticity from a third-party, unrelated to the Seller or the transaction

• Both the Certificate of Authenticity and Item of Memorabilia will receive custom, matching Genuine COA, serialized, holographic, tamper-proof stickers

• Full details of the signing event, location and date will be entered into our online database and made searchable by the unique serial number located on both the Certificate of Authenticity and the item of memorabilia

• Witnesses will also complete and sign a Notarized Affidavit testifying to the
that they witnessed the autograph being placed on your item at that specific event and date

• Affidavit is filed online with the link made available when the Genuine COA unique serial number is searched at

 • If the item certified is sold or transferred to a new owner, the database can be updated with the transfer information allowing for complete Provenance (place or source of origin and history) of the item

• If the autograph you obtain becomes no longer available on the marketplace, the value of your memorabilia increases with a Certificate of Authenticity. Future generations may be grateful for your forethought.

 • Serialized autographs may allow for insurance to offer current market value of stolen or destroyed memorabilia


The purchase of the Certificate of Authenticity from Genuine COA is NOT an autograph ticket or a ticket for admission to the event, unless specified on the Special Signing product. You must purchase the autograph tickets and admission tickets for the specified Event through the event's official website.