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August 2013 - (2) Smallville Autographs and COA Price: $110.00

His journey, their battle, our future.

Cast Members from Smallville!


Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum

Clark Kent's journey from boy to Superman is well documented in the television show, Smallville. It has become an instant classic with a huge following. You don't want to miss this event. With a first rate cast, The Smallville cast members always draw long lines and huge crowds. Having these cast members in Chicago offers a rare opportunity to get their autographs at one event. We understand that not everyone can make these events, and we don't want anyone to miss out on this occasion. Genuine COA is offering to obtain the autographs from all cast members appearing in Chicago on an 8x10 Photo from the selection made available at the event.


The only way to ensure the value for a lifetime, is by getting a third-party witness to the signature to issue a Certificate of Authenticity from Genuine COA. We will be at the event and will participate in special signings to get these autographs. By taking advantage of this offer, in addition to receiving the 8x10 Photo with the signatures and the COA (Certificates of Authenticity), you receive the following services:


  • Witnessing service at the convention for, and acquisition of, each of the Cast Members' signatures on an 8x10 Photo from the selection made available at the event (autograph charges are included in the total cost for this item)


  • Matching, custom, tamper-evident, serialized, holographic stickers placed on both the 8x10 photo and the Certificate of Authenticity issued to you  (The sticker for the item is placed in a location of your choosing and may be placed on the back or bottom of the item)


  • All signing details (place, date, event, etc.) entered into online database at and searchable by the unique serial number assigned


  • Notarized Affidavit from the witness publicly filed with a link to the document included with the signing details



Don't miss this opportunity to share in this occasion, even if you cannot make it to the event. Allow Genuine COA to be your witness. Genuine COA is not selling the autographed item, we are simply getting all of the components together for you so that we may be your witness and you can have a valued treasure worthy of your memories of this iconic television show. We can only offer this service if your orders are placed by August 7, 2013. Completed items will be mailed from our offices during the week following our return from the event on August 15, 2013.

To have your own item signed by the cast members, please contact our offices at (817) 473-9229 to review the details of the item and receive a custom quote.


The cost includes the autographs tickets for each of the cast members, the cost for the Certificates of Authenticity to witness and certify all autographs on the photo. Shipping and Handling to send this item back to you, insured, is an additional $9.95. Genuine COA makes no guarantee that the photo depicted on this page will be the final product shipped to the customer. The photograph provided will be a high resolution photo whose image is subject to availability. There is no guarantee of the color in which the autographs will appear, they will be signed by the Sharpie Pen made available, most likely in silver.